Ontario Liberals have a new leader.But is Bonnie Crombie really any different from Doug Ford?

Just like Ford, Bonnie wants to cut your health care and child care:

  • She wants to spend less on your health care and child care.

  • She thinks the Liberals have "moved much too far to the left," and will govern from "right of centre."

  • Bonnie is "Doug Ford lite, peddling the same kind of insider elite politics" - Liberal Yasir Naqvi

Just like Ford, Bonnie's cozy with developers:

  • Speculators and insiders bankrolled her leadership and council campaigns.

  • She collected nearly $30,000 from executives at a single development company.

  • "You cannot elect a leader who takes money from the same people who are donating to Doug Ford and says that somehow they're going to act any different." - Liberal Yasir Naqvi

Just like Ford, Bonnie wants to carve up the Greenbelt:

  • She endorsed Ford's Greenbelt plan.

  • She wants to leave the door open to develop parts of the Greenbelt.

  • "Are we going to win with a leader who said we’re going to open up the Greenbelt?" - Liberal Nathaniel Erskine-Smith

Just like Ford, Bonnie won't build more housing:

  • Mississauga's pace towards its housing targets is only at 29% of what it needs to be.

  • She was too busy with her leadership ambitions to show up for a critical vote at Mississauga City Hall, which failed on a tie. She had to use Ford's 'strong mayor' powers to fix her $120 million mistake.

  • "Young people have left the city of Mississauga more than any other municipality because housing did not get built in the last decade. Are we going to win with a leader who has a track record of failing to build homes?" - Liberal Nathaniel Erskine-Smith

Join the Official Opposition to Doug Ford.

Together, we'll replace Doug Ford in 2026 with a government that will make life easier and more affordable for real people—not Doug & Bonnie’s insiders.

Authorized by the CFO for the Ontario NDP.